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Angtini Snowball of Highlander
Dob 12/6/15
Sire: GC Angtini Beck
Dam: GC Angtini Bella

PK Def: n/n
SMA:  n/n
HCM DNA:  n/n
HCM Echo : 4/3/17
HCM Echo : 2/6/18
Heart Scan:  parents, grandparents and great grandparents all screened clear.  Will be scanned at one year old.

When I saw her picture at a week old I immediately was drawn to her and I named her snowball.  We watched her grow and she certainly matured into this lovely van colored  brown classic tabby and white.  Her type is outstanding and she has a wonderful expression and profile.  She is a very special girl.  Thank you goes to Linda for gifting her to me. She goes back to some very social cats of mine. Barney being one of those. 


Highlander Beholder (Bee)

Sire: JR Coons Romulus
Dam: Highlander Winx
Dob 7/17/18 
Brown classic tabby

Pk Def neg
SMA neg
Fiv/felv neg
HCM Echo tbd at one year (scanned lines for multiple generations)
Bee is a gorgeous brown classic tabby female who is built like a male. She has fabulous boning and a lovely expression. She is a nice outcross on the father’s side and represents NINE generations of my breeding on the dam side.  She is a very special female who is as sweet as she is beautiful

Highlander Faith
Dob 8/25/2017
Sire: Forest Pearl David of Highlander
Dam: GC Highlander Ave Maria
Pk Def - N
Fiv/felv - N
HCM Echo:  9/2018 - 1st scan normal

Well what can I say except that Ave Maria did not disappoint. Faith is a long line of Highlander females on the dam side and we are so proud of all theses girls. Faith is a large girl with all the details we love. Especially her beautiful silky coat. Faith will take the place of her mother Ave Maria in our program. Carrying on a very special line of fabulous girls. 

Coonalley Silver Rose of Highlander

DOB: 4/24/17
Silver tabby and white
Sire: GC RW Coonally Bravo Massimo
Dam: Coonally Silverblaze

Pk Def N/N

HCM Echo: 2/6/18
Parents grand parents great great grandparents all screened clear

I am thrilled to add silver to my breeding program after not having one for years. Rosie is a gorgeous example of our breed as well as sweet and gentle.  She has a gorgeous head, silky coat , clear silver color and boning and body. She will be a great asset to our program. I would like to thank Elaine for parting with her and allowing her to join our home.

Highlander Wilma
Brown classic tabby
DOB 8/14/2016
Sire: Highlander Dino
Dam: GC Highlander Ave Maria
HCM Echo - 9/2017 Normal
HCM Echo:  9/2018 - 2nd scan normal

. Parents , grand parents , great grandparents and great great grandparents all screened clear.

HCM DNA : n/n
Pk Def: n/n
SMA : n/n
Fiv / felv : neg

Wilma is up there with one of the best females I have bred. She is gentle and sweet and also very beautiful.  She has an amazing coat and color, lovely and shaggy like it should be. She is very balanced and proportioned with no feature being exaggerated (well except for her Lynx tips). She is just simply amazing

Highlander Winx
Brown Classic Tabby
DOB: 7/22/17
Sire: Forest Pearl David of Highlander
Dam: Highlander Wilma

PK Def: N
HCM Echo:  9/2018 - 1st scan normal

Winx is a gorgeous brown classic tabby female. She represents eight generations of our breeding on the dam side. She is perfectly balanced and very hard to fault. At her first show at four months old she was highest scoring kitten in show.  She exceeds my expectations. Not only that she is sweet and loving.


Tropikoons Delainie of Highlander
DOB: 9/3/16
Brown classic tabby and white
Sire: GC RW Kiyaras Pacific Surf of Tropikoons
Dam: Monterini QBonna of Tropikoons

PK Def N/N
HCM Echo: Dec 2017 perfect
. Parents grandparent and great grandparents all screened clear
Lainie is a darling brown tabby and white girl that I call my cheeky little baby. She is loving and sweet and can talk and talk.  She had beautiful type and the most silky lovely coat.  I am happy to have her as part of my beloved girls.

Highlander Unrivaled Belle
Dob: 12/21/17
Sire: Forest Pearl David of Highlander
Dam: Gaylton Lady’s Secret of Highlander

Fiv/felv. N
PK Def. N
HCM Echo: Normal 12/2018. 
Four generations of tested cats behind Belle

I just could not part with her against my better judgment. She is fabulous in every way.
Coat color pattern ears expression and size. She is a playful girl like her mother Bug who we adore.

Highlander Violet
Silver patched tabby and white
Dob 5/21/2018
Sire: GC RW Highlander Rob Roy of Sarajen
Dam: Coonalley Silver Rose of Highlander

PK Def n/n
SMA n/n
FIV/Felv n/n
HCM Echo tbd - five generations of tested cats behind her

Well. What can I say. I have waited forever for a silver patch tabby and white and thanks to two dear friends I created one. She is absolutely perfect in every way.  Her pedigree is very special to me. My first stud male Kenworth, who is near 15, his son who is almost eight, and her father who is four.  It is so important to have this history and longevity in the lines. I look for great things from this beautiful girl.



Highlander Ave Maria
Brown classic tabby and white
DOB 7/10/14
SIRE: GC Angtini Bentley of Highlander
DAM: GC Highlander Amazing Grace

First Heart Scan 6/2015- perfect
Second Heart Scan 7/2016 - perfect
Third Heart Scan 5/26/17
Fourth Heart Scan 2018
HCM DNA - UC Davis
PK Def - parents negative
Fiv/felv - negative

I never thought I would ever get Amazing Grace bred since she is as big as most males.  I did and she did not disappoint.  I am keeping this little jewel, Ave Maria, as she is an exquisite example of the Maine Coon.  She has large expressive eyes, amazing coat, color, pattern and all the type she needs to represent our breed.  She is going to follow in her mother's footsteps and be a nice sized girl with the beautiful type I love.  She is a lap kitty and purrs non-stop when you pet her.


Highlander Zenyatta
Distinguished Merit
Brown tabby
Sire: GC Shubacoons Pony Xpress of Highlander
Dam CH Highlander Shining Star

Heart Scan Clear 5/2012
heart scan clear 2/2013
Heart Scan Clear 12/14/2013
Heart Scan - 4/2015 fifth scan - perfect

FIV/FELV Negative ~ Blood Test


Zenyatta was named for the famous filly who was named Horse of The Year in 2010.   I love horse racing so I thought it was very fitting to name this girl after my favorite filly.  Zenyatta (or Ya Ya as I call her) is probably up there with the best females I have bred. She has a long body, huge ears, painted on pattern, and beautiful head.  She is the matriarch in our house and that is a spot she has rightfully earned.  I have bred Zenyatta to different males and each time the kittens are just fabulous.  That shows how valuable Zenyatta is.  Zenyatta is out of Highlander Shining star and is the second generation Highlander.  Her daughters are fabulous and the females out of her in breeding programs are:

 GC Highlander Tex's Miracle (at Highlander)

GC Highlander Rachel Alexandra (at Highlander)

Highlander Ruffian of Tropikoons

GC Highlander Joyeux Noelle of Angtini (co owned with Linda Murphy and Coleen and Paul Wolfe)

Highlander Single Malt of Sarajen (with Teri Matzkin)

GC Highlander Junie B Jones of Gaylton (with Susan and Richard Southards)
RW Highlander Alysheba of Angtini
Second Best Maine Coon Kitten Nationally 2013-2014
(with Linda Murphy)

GC Highlander Twinkle Star of Cavallino (with Junko Tsuda Japan)
**OF NOTE":  These girls above are from Zenyatta's three litters out of different sires.  Without them, we would not have these fabulous girls.  GC Trutails Texas Hold'em of Highlander (Miracle and Rachel) GC RW Highlander Peterbuilt (Joyeux Noelle, Junie and Single Malt) and GC McPride John Duke Wayne ( Alysheba and Twinkle Star)
Zenyatta achieved the highest honor that a cat can receive Distinguished  Merit.  
She accomplished this with five grand champion females from three different litters and three different sires.  This is a dream come true for us. 


Gaylton Lady's Secret of Highlander
'Lady Bug'
Brown classic tabby
DOB: 12/12/13
SIRE:  CJ Paws Sawyer of Gaylton
DAM:  GC Highlander Junie B Jones of Gaylton

PK Def - Negative
FIV/FELV Negative ~ Blood Test
Heart Scan 12/14 ~1st scan ~ Perfect
Heart Scan 12/2015 (second scan) - perfect
Heart Scan 12/27/16 - perfect
HCM Echo 2/6/18
HCM DNA - negative
SMA - N/N (negative)

In keeping with my horse race theme, this baby is named for a very famous filly in honor of her grandmother Zenyatta.  

I would like to thank Susan and Richard for this adorable baby and their friendship.


Highlander Joyful Victory
Owned and loved by Seth Baugh

Heart scan 5/22/18 - Perfect!

Grand Champion
Highlander Twinkle Star of Cavallino

August 2014 - heart scan clear
August 2017 - Heart scan clear


Second Best Maine Coon Kitten Nationally
28th Best ALLBREED kitten nationally
Highlander Alysheba of Angtini
brown tabby and white
DOB 3/24/13
SIRE: GC McPride John Duke Wayne
DAM: Highlander Zenyatta

August 2014 - heart scan clear

Alysheba had a wonderful show year this year.  We are all so proud of her achievements.  It is difficult for a girl to compete with the boys and Alysheba held her own.  She only missed a National Win by 20 points.  She is a winner in our hearts.  Alysheba has a beautiful litter of kittens right now and she was meant to be a mom.  She lives with my wonderful friend Linda of Angtini Maine Coons where she is loved and spoiled.

Regional Winner
Grand Champion
Angtini Miley

Daughter of RW Highlander Alysheba of Angtini
Highest scoring MC kitten at 2014 CFA World Show and fourth highest scoring overall kitten in show.

Peanut and Winnie

Angel, Velvet and Zenyatta

Bonnie, Brianna, Audry, & Brette


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