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Forest Pearl Just David of Highlander
Dob 6/10/14
Sire: IT*Wild Whisper Ulysse
Dam: Alwaro Evia

PK Def - Negative
HCM DNA - N/N (parents negative also)
First Heart Scan 6/2015- perfect

Second Heart Scan 7/2016 - perfect
Third Heart Scan 5/26/17
Fourth Heart Scan 2018
HCM Echo Report #5 2019

Heath tests on parents


I saw his picture on a Wednesday and he flew from Russia to us that next Saturday.  There are so many details about him that I love in a Maine Coon.  He has large tall ears finished with Lynx tips set beautifully on his head.  He has great expression and strength of muzzle.  At four months old he is nearly nine pounds and I can see by his boning he will be incredibly large.  The best thing about him is he purrs constantly.  When he eats , sleeps and plays.   I look for great things from this boy!!!

Click here to see how David looks now

IT*Ruffians Duran Duran of Highlander
DOB: 1/30/2018
Sire: Wistarantale Mars of Ruffian
Dam: Felix Coon Ambra of Ruffian
PK Def: Neg
SMA: Neg
FivFelv: Neg
HCM Echo: Normal December 2018
(parents and grandparents and great grandparents all screened clear)

Arriving all the way from Italy is our new gorgeous stud boy!  We are so excited to add him to our breeding program. I really have way too many adjectives fo describe him. Pictured at just five months old he represents the Maine Coon breed perfectly. His temperament is lovely as well as his looks and confirmation. Thank you to Romano and Marinela for allowing this fabulous boy to own us. He does not carry solids or dilutes. 


Grand Premier National Winner
Highlander Just Fred of Camocats
Dob 3/31/2018
Brown mackerel tabby
Sire: Forest Pearl David of Highlander
Dam: Highlander Wilma
Owned and loved by Renee and Tom Fraley

Pk Def N
Fiv/Felv N
Fred is an amazing example of our breed. He is very hard to fault in both type and temperament.

We are thrilled at Fred’s accomplishments for the 2018-2019 show season. He is CFA Best Maine Coon kitten worldwide and 22nd best allbreed kitten. Thanks to his owners for a wonderful experience full of laughter and love.
are very proud of Fred and his owners.


Highlander Rob Roy of Sarajen
DOB 6/10/14
Red classic tabby and white
SIRE:  GC RW Highlander Peterbuilt
DAM: Sarajen Skyye Beauty of Highlander

Heart Scan Clear 4/2015
HCM screening 5/2017 - perfect
Heart scan clear 1/2019

Robbie is a very darling red classic tabby and white boy with a very loving personality.  He has gigantic ears and white lynx tips which is so special. He reminds me of his father Peterbuilt and has stolen a place in my heart.  He will be going live at Sarajen Maine Coons where he will be loved and spoiled by Teri Matzkin.  These two brothers Finnegan and Robbie have been a lesson in patience and watching them mature has been so much fun.  Robbie went to his first CFA show and placed in breed many times.  I was thrilled and the best part is he loved to show just like his dad.  I will miss them both but they will have treasured lives with these two special people. 



Grand Champion, National Winner, Breed Winner
Highlander Max T of Angtini (Tubby)
Dob 8/5/2015
Sire: Forest Pearl David of Highlander
Dam: Grand Champion Highlander Ave Maria
PK Def n/n
HCM screening : 7/2016 first scan perfect
Second Heart Scan 11/2017 - perfect.
Heart scan clear 1/2019
Fiv/felv negative

Max T or Tubby as he is affectionately known is a gorgeous brown mackerel tabby and white huge male that I have adored since he was a baby.  He is a nice blend of mom and dad and is as sweet and gentle as a lamb. He granded in style at a young age making all the top ten finals. I am so proud of this boy !!!

For the show season 2016-2017 Tubby earned a national win. He is CFA's 23rd best cat in championship and best Maine Coon in championship.  We are humbled and thrilled with Tubby's achievements. He was shown by my breeding partner Linda Murphy with love and devotion.  This is a very special win for a very special cat who epitomizes the Maine Coon breed. 



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