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                                                                                                                     February 13, 2013

 I have been the primary veterinarian for Teresa Sweeney's  cattery, breeding and cat show business for over 5 years. I say business because it is, but to know Teresa, Edwin and to examine and work with all of their cats it is not just a business it is a passion. And their passion is not based on financial success but on their love and caring for ALL of their cats.

  They provide the best in preventative wellness and treatment for their cats and are extremely conscious and careful in not only preventing any contagious disease but also maintaining the highest standards in only breeding healthy cats that have been carefully chosen  to have the best genes possible in their breed. And if ever(very rarely) an animal has been sick or found to have a flaw it was addressed and treated with the utmost care and found a kind and loving home if it could not be in the breeding or show program.

 Although no breed  or breeding program is perfect I feel the Sweeney's cats are of the utmost caliber.

Dr. Tod Beckett

Dr Beckett has been practicing veterinary medicine for almost 23 years. He is the Medical Director of VCA Mill Run and Sawmill Practices in Columbus, Ohio. He has a staff of 9 veterinarians including specialists and over 80 support staff. He also practiced Critical Care and Emergency Medicine for over 5 years in Arlington, TX at I-20 Animal Hospital. Dr Beckett is active with the local Humane Society and works regularly with over 20 rescue groups in the state of Ohio. He currently serves on the Advisory Board of The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center and is currently also on the boards of the Columbus Academy of Veterinary Medicine, Columbus State Veterinary Technical School,  The Ohio State University Alumni Association, and The Ohio Veterinary Medical Association.

I have worked with Teresa and Edwin Sweeney for about 4 years, regularly screening their breeding cats for heart disease.  Without a doubt they are one of the most conscientious, responsible breeders I have had the pleasure to work with.  The Sweeneys always have the welfare of their cats and the Maine coon breed foremost in their decision making and importantly, place health above external beauty when trying to improve their line.  Their cats are beautiful, good natured and always meticulously cared for.  In short, I wouldn't hesitate to obtain a Maine coon cat for my family from Teresa and Edwin.

Darcy Adin, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)


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