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Maine Coon Cats and Kittens from Highlander in Ohio

Welcome to the wonderful world of Highlander Maine Coon cats.

There is much legend and lore surrounding these wonderful Maine Coons but after owning one, you will understand the great popularity of the Maine Coon cat breed. We breed Maine Coon Cats for show and some are placed as loving pets. Please inquire about Maine Coon kitten availability and feel free to browse our site to learn more about the Maine Coon, the gentle giant of the cat world. We also have retired Maine Coon adult cats on occasion to loving approved homes.


GP NW Highlander Tony Bennett of Wenlock

"You haven’t lived until a Maine Coon has shared your house and your heart.   They have soft chirping voices, like to play in their water bowl, play hockey with their Maine Coon kibble, sit on their housemates and wonder where they went, plop on the sofa to watch TV with you.  Tony fit the Maine Coon standard to a “T” – large, rectangular body with a shaggy, richly colored and patterned brown tabby coat that was silky to touch, always groomed and shown in top condition.  Tony has gorgeous oblique eyes, a nice square muzzle with a gentle scoop in profile, firm chin, huge tufted ears.  He loved to play, but was often awarded many of his Best Cats laying on the judging table with an “of course” look on his face and a rosette draped over his side."

Visit Tony's Page


Highlander Maine Coon Cats

Teresa & Edwin Sweeney
(with the help of Joann & Tina Patrone)
Columbus, Ohio
614 266 3502 – Call or Text For Information

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Highlander is a CFA Cattery of Distinction - Tier Level 3 - Superior
(54 Grand Champions & 7 Distinguished Merit)

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